Nela Flex

NELA Trowels have proved to be huge throughout Australia already, we strongly believe that these are the best Trowels in the world!
The Nela Flex line is the latest addition.
Manufactured in Germany to the highest standard

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Channels & Accessories

External Angles & Profiles

Fibreglass Wall Mesh - Adhesive

Fibreglass Wall Mesh - Non adhesive

Foam & Glue Guns

Glues and solvents

Movement beads

Other Tools

Screws & Washers/Screws - coarse thread

Screws & Washers/Screws - fine thread

Screws & Washers/Screws - fixing

Screws & Washers/Washers

Straight Edge - Feather tip

Straight Edge - H Type

Tapes/Cloth tapes

Tapes/Easy Tear polyethylene tapes

Tapes/Masking tapes


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